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mint sprig iced tea

June 15, 2010

It’s been really rainy here for a while and one thing I’ve looked forward to all year is making sun tea this summer.  When I was younger, I remember filling a jar with tea bags and cold water, setting it out in the sun, and letting it brew all day.  I think it was more fun to watch it brew than to actually drink it…probably because of the choice of tea.

So here’s the spruced-up and no-sun version.  I picked two black tea bags (Lipton) and one passionfruit (Tazo’s Passion, which I think is much better iced than hot).  I think there are infinite possibilities here.  Lipton’s a great base because it’s cheap and then you can add one fancy tea bag to the mix.  I brewed them (with boiled water) for about 10 minutes in a mason jar filled with mint sprigs.  I let the jar cool down slightly before putting it in the fridge to chill it.  

Hopefully making this tea will convince the sun that it needs to come out.

mint sprig iced tea


2 black tea bags (ex. Lipton)

1 Tazo Passion tea bag

3-4 springs of fresh mint


Wash mint and put in mason jar, pitcher, or other large container (one that can have boiling water poured in it).  Drape the tea bags on the edge of the jar so you can hold on to them (so the strings don’t go to the bottom).  Pour in boiling water.  Holding on to the tea bags stir with long spoon.  Let brew for 10 minutes.  Remove tea bags, give it another stir and let cool slightly before chilling in fridge.  

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