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fried sage & eggs

June 22, 2010

So part of the reason I’m behind on posting is that we had great company last week.  The first or second day B was here, she told us about how recently she and a friend had picked fresh sage, pan-fried it in butter, and put it over eggs.  We kept coming back to talking about this somehow,even buying sage at the co-op, but it wasn’t until her last morning that we actually got around to making it.  And it was SO good.  B cooked the sage in butter (they get kind of crispy…really, you could just sit with a plate of fried sage leaves and eat them by themselves…), removed the sage from the pan, and then cooked the eggs (perfectly!) in the same pan, serving the sage over the eggs, which we put on biscuits.  We used leftover biscuits from the strawberry shortcake and I promise I’ll write about that soon.

For the last set of eggs, B left the sage in the pan, which also turned out great and really beautiful.  I’m not going to include a formal recipe in this post, because it will be best however you prefer your eggs.  Just  make sure to cook the sage in butter (because it makes everything better…). 

B, we miss you!!!

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