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summer wine

July 28, 2010

I want to get this post in before summer is over.  We’ve been eating out a lot on our deck, and therefore also drinking a lot of wine.  Here are four that we’ve been really enjoying.  They are all around the $10 amount.  Hopefully you can find them at your local wine store.  We are extremely lucky in Minneapolis to have one of the best wine & liquor stores (with its own cheese shop!) I’ve been into.  It’s huge (supermarket sized) and the staff is awesome and friendly. One of my favorite things to do is to go in there and say something like, “I’m making pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil tonight…what would you drink if you only had $7.”  So if you’re ever in the Twin Cities, you should check out Surdyk’s.  It looks like you can also buy from their website.

vega sindoa, 2009 rose, listed at $9.99 at Surdyk’s but current sale at $7.99

This is a rose from Spain, more specifically from the Navarra region in northern Spain, just under France.  According to internet sources, Navarra is a leader in renewable energy and is an autonomous region from the government of Spain, much like the Basque Country.  There is a Basque community there, and apparently even under Roman rule, the community was able to retain their Basque language.  (Thanks, Wikipedia).  More wine related, Larousse Gastronomique says Navarra is a historic wine region, primarily producing reds.  This one, however, is a rose, and it’s dry and good, and cheap.  We’ve mostly been drinking it on its own in the afternoon, sometimes with some cheese.

hugues beaulieu, 2008 picpoul de pinet, listed at $9.99 at Surdyk’s

The question to the Surdyk’s staff was, “What would be a good minerally white at around $10?” and this is what we got. We’ve loved it.  It’s perfect for summer.  Picpoul de pinet is a type of white wine from Coteaux de Languedoc in southern France.  Apparently Coteaux de Languedoc is a big appellation (a legal geographic designation for wine) in France and it’s divided up into sub-appellations, picpoul de pinet being one.  Wikipedia says that the entire region produced more wine that the whole United States in 2001.  It’s got a long history, another site saying that the Greeks planted France’s first vine there.

berger, 2009 gruner veltliner, about $10-12

Yes, this one has a bottle top. That by itself makes it awesome. We were introduced to it by a friend, and we’ve continued to buy it.  It’s a great price, especially given that it’s a little larger than a regular wine bottle, and easy to drink.  A great wine to put on the table with just about anything.  This gruner veltliner is from Austria, but they can also be from the Czech Republic.

photo called "white grapes" from junmon603 on flickr (click image for link)

parducci sustainable white, 2008, listed at $9.99 at Surdyk’s

An organic, or at least “sustainable,” wine from Mendocino County in California.  We’ve gotten it a couple of times, although since I don’t have a bottle right now I don’t have a picture. Instead, I found the beautiful photo above on flickr.  Supposedly it is taken in Ukiah, where Parducci is located.  Parducci’s Sustainable White is a blend, and a great table wine.

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  1. Ollie & Biz permalink
    July 30, 2010 4:24 pm

    Katherine … your Dad told us about your blog at supper the other night (a nice mineraly champagne to go with my roasted bronzino), and showed us pix on his IPhone (how hip he is!). Glad to see you’re well, and writing about the important things in life such as bargains in wine. Best, Ollie and Biz.

    • August 3, 2010 12:24 pm

      So glad to connect with you guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Yep, dad is definitely getting good at the iphone, which is pretty awesome. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I will definitely have to put bronzino on my list!

  2. norcalman permalink
    July 31, 2010 1:29 am

    No supposition about that last photo, it was taken in Ukiah as I drove to work that morning. Glad you liked it enough to include it in your blog. You should see the edited version!

    norcalman aka junmon603

    • August 3, 2010 12:22 pm

      Your photo is really beautiful. Thanks for posting here, and for taking such great photographs.

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